Equine MASSAGE and BODY WORK is a wonderful complementary care alongside proper veterinary and farrier care. Horses often get sore from normal wear and tear of age, playing in the pasture, compensating from injuries, improper saddle fit as well as stress of competition.

Using BODY WORK along with proper training and coaching can help solve many undesirable behaviors. We know how all human athletes need proper nutrition, conditioning and BODY WORK to be able to perform at their best. Our horses need this same balance of whole body treatment as we ask them to perform in their various jobs, plus carry us on their backs!

I believe we have to look at the whole horse and work together as a team to enable your horse to perform at his best. I want to be an active part of your team in caring for the well being of your horse. Massage and body work is part of the pyramid of horse care under proper veterinary care, along with your farrier and other team members -to care for the whole horse- feet, teeth, muscles, nutrition, life style, training, - Serving North Texas.