Holistic Horsemanship and Lifemanship

Working on ourselves and listening to our horses.

Our program puts the horse’s health and happiness first. We welcome all disciplines and offer a unique training
approach, specializing in young and problem horses, and rider training.

Tiffany Darr is a horse trainer and riding instructor that believes in a holistic approach to riding considering the mental and physical health of the horse, the suitability of saddle and tack and then individuality of each horse and rider. Looking to keep both the horse and rider in the learning bubble.. And below thresh holds that would cause either the horse or rider to be operating out of fear instead of the learning part of the brain. What some people would call working in the Polyvagal theory.
She strives to create a positive learning environment for the students and horses always looking for ways to make learning fun and incorporate the newest information and research on psychology, behavior and learning into her teaching and training.  We accept all riders, from those who are just discovering horses, to the experienced equestrian who just needs some new ideas and a fresh perspective.
Our horses are born knowing how to jump, do sliding stops, piaffe, go forward- back- up and down, up a mountain or down a trail- in relaxation and/or collection. My goal is to help you know how to connect on a deeper level and then practice that with your horse to become a better partner with them and ask them to partner with you- not control them. This improves everything you want to do with your horse. Whether you like trail riding, dressage, jumping, barrel racing, reining or just enjoying your horse on the weekends.
Connection is stronger than control

Equine horsemanship

Coaching riding and ground lessons

If you own your own horse you can haul to me or I come to you.
We will practice being fully present, work on body langue and mental and emotional self regulation. Horses are very sensitive creatures and respond to our feelings and emotions… as we learn to work on ourselves we find our horse can understand better what we are asking and becomes a happier partner. More than just heels down, eyes up lesson.
Another big part of the lesson will be to look for pain or tension in your body as well as the horses.. we will use Emmett therapy or other muscle therapy to improve comfort and range of motion and discuss ways to strengthen and prepare the horse for the next step.
Tiffany also has good working relationships with area veterinarians/ acupuncturist or chiropractors to refer you to as needed.
Ground work can be geared toward your goals as always - but we like to start with a basic at liberty connection and asking permission to join the horse.. Working on self-regulation and listening to your body and then asking the horse to do the same. I use a lot of the natural lifemanship principles on the ground as well as rhythmic riding connection when riding.. instead of seeking to control the horse with tack or aids. She has found Ingala larsins heart connection course work helpful and of course many other principles she has learned along the way and will continue to learn and then implement into her coaching.


For personal horses or riding programs, I am happy to come look at the program as a whole and offer ideas and ways you might can aid the horse to have a more balanced/calm and happier life in keeping with the goals and job you have for him. I am not an expert in all these areas but am happy to point you in the direction of people who are.

Some rescores to think about -

  • Nutrition ( real food and not fillers, forage based and trickle feeding)
  • Training that enables the horse to have a voice
  • Life style ( how they live and how you interact with them)
  • Clicker training
  • Proper hoof care
  • Saddle and tack fit
  • Body work acupuncture homeopathy
  • Herbs
  • Paradise paddocks to enable horses to move more throughout a 24 hour time. Looking at how horses were made to live in the wild and then how we can offer that environment more in their day to day life. Living in a herd environment and moving 10-15 miles a day effects every system in their body.

Emmett Muscle Therapy session

Human services  $65
Horse Muscle release $65

Hoof beats and Heart beats

With the horse on the ground, no riding $85
If you want to add muscle release therapy for yourself before or after your horse session (1hour) $120

Horse time on the ground- relax, recharge and connect

If you do not own your own horse- come to my barn and partner with one of my horses on the ground at liberty – be fully present- authentic –listening and make request- work on nonverbal communication skills ( which is 90 percent of all human communication but they do not teach you that in school) – how to self-regulate and see how you can help the horse and how they can help you. Bringing your emotions up and down in safe way and not holding on to or avoiding the emotions that come up.

Faith based Hoof beats and heart beats $85 (1hour)

Same as the session described above but -Faith and character development based learning. We welcome any and all faiths but the principles we discus will be from the bible.
Horse time on the ground- as we interact and learn to connect and communicate with the horse we will have a scripture or particular truth we focus on for the session and then see how the horses reflect that and what we can learn from them. Much like the relax and recharge session described above but focused on how the word of God colors our glasses as we look into learning about horses and our self.

Why horses? Horses are very sensitive as prey animals to our emotions and intentions.. that is what keeps them alive in the wild. They are very good at sensing when we are not being authentic.. if we say one thing but feel another way- then we don’t feel safe to the horse… because we then feel like a predator.


Bring your horse for a session $175 (120 min session)
All riding and ground work sessions with your horses will incorporate body work on you and your horse