Equine Massage Services - Equine Synergy

After evaluating your horse I will use an integrated and combined therapy plan that we feel best suits the needs of your horse.

Cold Laser

Cold laser can be beneficial in quickly treating wounds, joints, bowed tendons, muscles, pain and stimulating acupuncture points.

Essential Oils

These aid in relaxation, release of tension, whole body detox and body system support. They can also be rubbed on or used as aroma therapy

Micro- Current Device  (BEST-Vet)

This is a soothing medical massage device designed to stimulate healing resources without drugs or surgery.

Best-Vet is for veterinarians, pet lovers and livestock owners who want to relieve chronic pain, soothe acute pain, improve range of motion, and help with muscle soreness in their animals. This works in decrease healing time on wounds as well as quick relief for muscle spasms.

I love this unit and have used the human model for years. It was even prescribed by a doctor for my dad to use as a complementary support while he was being treated for head and neck cancer.

Emmett Therapy

The EMMETT Technique is an amazingly effective, gentle, safe and easy to apply muscle release therapy. It is used to address pain and discomfort, improve body movement and restrictions, restore a positive emotional / behavioral state and improve the quality of life.

This internationally recognized technique developed by Ross Emmett and taught in over 26 countries worldwide is equally effective on both people and animals. For more information on this therapy please see the following web sites.



Emmett4Horses Course - If you are interested in scheduling this one day course at your facility, Please contact me for details.

The Emmett Technique - EMMETT 4 Horses Short Course - has been developed so that everyone has the opportunity to learn how to help ease pain and discomfort, increase movement and improve quality of life.
It works equally well on humans and animals.
This course is designed for all equine enthusiasts - it includes four moves to help your horse, plus two human moves for handlers and riders.


 Equine Sports Massage

This is a deep tissue and trigger point treatment.

Rain Drop Massage  - with essential oils

  • Enhances the immune system
  • Alleviates pain along the spine
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Enhances immunity and cleanses the body of toxins
  • Relieves inflammation and pain


$75 for Rain Drop Massage

$75 for 30-50 min Muscle Therapy

$100 for 1 - 1.5 hour Muscle Therapy

Included in these fees is cold laser treatment, essential oils, micro-current as needed.

*Trip fee may apply.